Five Ways to Make Your Tradeshow Booth More of an Experience

Creating a standout tradeshow booth isn’t just about bringing the right materials. It’s also about figuring out how to stand out from the crowd. How can you turn a basic booth into an exceptional experience? Try one of these five ideas! 


1. Make It Interactive 

A table of brochures, pens, and coasters is fine, but if you really want to stand out, what better way than to turn your booth into something that gets visitors actively involved in the experience? Set up a themed game for visitors to play (perhaps even one with a prize), create a fun photo op, or give them the chance to evaluate a product right in the moment. By getting visitors to your booth more engaged, they’re more likely to remember your brand and have a positive association with it—both critical for turning a tradeshow contact into an actual client. 


2. Have a Product Demonstration 

Tradeshows are all about making a memorable impression in a short amount of time and space. Given those limitations, it can sometimes be tricky to give a complete perspective on your brand and product. A simple demonstration can help solve that, attracting attention and giving visitors a chance to get engaged. Whether you have scheduled demonstrations (for instance, a demonstration at 20 minutes past the hour, every hour) or impromptu presentations when guests arrive, showing your products in action makes a much bigger impression. You can even have printed collateral ready to distribute that is coordinated with the products or processes used in the demonstration. 


3. Create a Standout Sensory Experience 

The aesthetics of your booth can transform it from “just” a booth to a full-fledged, almost immersive experience. The exact possibilities will, of course, depend on the parameters of your booth and the setup of the tradeshow, but there are infinite ways you can spruce up your booth to appeal to the senses. Use colorful graphics and wallpapers, along with textured cues on the walls, tables, floors, and ceilings, to set your booth apart from its surroundings. You can also use sound to create a specific mood within your area, get creative with lighting, and design a booth with an “Instagram-ready” photo booth to attract more people to see what the fuss is about.  


4. Embrace the Latest Technology 

Who doesn’t love to marvel at the wonders of the latest tech? Take advantage of human curiosity to drive more traffic to your booth and ensure that people remember it long after walking away. Whether that’s something as simple as graphics that include AR technology or something more complex, such as high-tech projections and holograms, these cutting-edge techniques prove to prospective clients that you’re always on top of the latest trends. Apply these creative technologies to demonstrate products, show the range of your capabilities, and make a lasting impression on tradeshow attendees.  


5. Offer Attendees Some Downtime 

We all know how exciting a tradeshow can be – but we also know how much work it can be for everyone involved. Attendees are bombarded with new information as brands compete for their attention. When they reach your booth, you don’t want them to give it a cursory glance and move on. Instead, turn some of your space into a little oasis. Provide somewhere comfortable to sit, relaxing surroundings, and perhaps even offer some snacks. Attendees will appreciate the chance to take a break and chat with each other in a low-pressure setting, and they’ll remember your brand as the one that provided that opportunity. Integrate some of your branding and products with the relaxation space, even if it’s as simple as branded coasters, and set up the space in a way that encourages attendees to share their “rest” moment on social media – with your branding visible, of course! 

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