Promotional Items create opportunities for the school's brand to be recognized and promoted.

The world of education is constantly shifting, but one thing that never changes is the demand for quality, attractive, and useful branded promotional products. There’s a strong emotional connection for many people when it comes to the schools and universities they are affiliated with, whether as students, alumni, or employees, and items like branded apparel and other promo products can make a big splash.

Educational opportunities

Branded promotional products in the education niche cover all the expected types, and then some. Promo opportunities are all about attracting new students, but also about representing the school’s brand in a way that helps to attract and retain top educational and administrative talent.

  • Custom branded apparel, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, is one of the most common and easygoing opportunities for educational institutions to share their branding. From spirit shops to game-day giveaways, from student loungewear to branded polos and office gear for employees, “school spirit” is the name of the game.
  • Smaller branded items can work as lead magnets or function as a leave-behind for prospective students considering enrollment.
  • Welcome kits are great opportunities to welcome both new students and new employees to the community, especially when they include branded products.
  • Take small promotional products on recruitment tours to help keep your institution in mind after meeting prospective students.

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