New Survey Reveals the Most Effective Promotional Products

The world of promotional products is constantly changing, and it can be a challenge to keep up with all the latest trends and new product types. Most important, of course, is these products’ effectiveness – how much “bang for your buck” are you getting when you choose a particular type of product? Which products are the most likely to induce a recipient to do business with the brand in question?

That’s the core question asked in a new survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). In their 2022 Ad Impressions Study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 40,000 completed surveys across the United States in Q4 2021. The results reveal what types of products are most influential overall, by state, and by region.

In order, the five most influential categories nationwide are:

  1. Outerwear
  2. Performance wear/activewear
  3. Masks
  4. Health and safety
  5. Polo shirts

When separated out by gender, the rankings change a little, although some products remain relevant no matter what. Among men, the top five categories, in order, are outerwear, performance wear, polo shirts, masks, and writing instruments; women prefer outerwear, health and safety, performance wear, bags, and masks.

Age also plays a role, although one category remains a major standout: all age groups except for one demographic (ages 25-34) rank outerwear as the most effective. For that age group, outerwear ranks second, just behind performance wear. Other items that appear most frequently across age groups include health and safety, bags, drinkware, and umbrellas.

Outerwear also ranks highly across regions, taking the top spot in every geographic region except for the Southwest—there performance wear reigns supreme. It’s one of several indicators that geography and climate do play a role in what promotional products are the most popular and effective. After all, a truly influential promotional product is one that anticipates a user’s needs and fills some common need in everyday life, providing a frequent and positive impression of the brand.

Umbrellas and outerwear, for instance, are most effective in the Northeast, where cool and rainy weather dominates. Performance wear, meanwhile, is most effective in the sunny Southwest. Writing instruments, desk accessories, bags, and T-shirts are especially effective for consumers in the Southeast region, while masks remain the most influential category for the Mountain region. A few categories are strong in multiple regions: drinkware excels in the Southeast, Midwest, and Pacific, and polo shirts perform best in the Southwest and Southeast.

When trying to target consumers in a certain region or demographic, this data helps to narrow down the enormous field of promotional products and find the strategy most likely to work for you.

At Priority Promotions, we’re always keeping track of research like this to help us guide you in developing the most effective promotional products campaign. You can read the full study here – then talk to your Priority team to discuss how these findings can make your next promotional product campaign an even greater success!

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