Purdue University Admissions Department

Purdue is one of the largest and most prestigious public universities in Indiana

Continual budget pressures due to the challenges of public school funding

The University's design team produces many types of materials, including direct mail


Purdue uses direct mail as part of their admissions marketing strategy. The design team developed a specific mailer for a lead development campaign targeting more than 100,000 prospective students. However, the design of the piece did not fit the standards for marketing mail, which meant a postal surcharge would apply.


Priority Press is the primary printer for Purdue. They worked with the design team to modify the format. The integrity of the overall design and the presentation of the copy was maintained, but the modified piece fit within standard postal require-ments. The resulting changes recommended by Priority Press saved Purdue University over $30,000.00 in postage.


  • By revising the format, Purdue achieved
    a significant reduction in mailing costs
  • The design team benefited from
    Priority Press’ postal expertise
  • Everyone was happy with the final mailer, which achieved its original vision for design

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