Unboxing the Recognition Gift Opportunity

Two employees at two different companies, Matt and Matilda, worked on a big project for their teams. Both were appreciated by their boss, but in very different ways.

Matt got an email with a digital gift card for a coffee company that looked very generic and canned. He appreciated the sentiment, but it didn’t really make him feel special because it didn’t look like it had taken much effort.

Matilda got a gift box at home. It included a fun, personalized note, and the gift was a high-end travel mug with the company’s logo. There’s was even a QR code where Matilda could scan to hear a sound file with applause for her effort.

Who would you rather be: Matt or Matilda?

Building a Great Gift Box

A recognition gift box can be a special way to show appreciation for employees’ milestones and achievements. It feels more personal and special than something simpler like a certificate or announcement. It makes the recipient feel truly appreciated because the giver put in the time and effort to go beyond the bare minimum – which is why it can be such a great tool for employers to demonstrate how much they value their employees.

To create a great gift recognition box, start with the basic question: What is actually in the box? First, consider what type of gift would fit the occasion. Is there anything unique about the occasion that lends itself to a particular gift item? Quality gifts that are useful are always a good choice, especially if the gift relates to the achievement somehow. A recognition box should also have a degree of prestige somehow, setting it apart from gifts you might give for other occasions, like onboarding.

In addition to choosing a gift that feels special in and of itself, a recognition gift box should include a personalized element that communicates value and appreciation to the individual. Include the recipient’s name, along with a note or card with a personal message that recognizes the occasion and the individual in a specific way. The gift might also include a personal note from the recipient’s manager or even a higher-up leader to thank them for their great work.

Remember: a robust, thoughtful recognition program can have long-term positive effects. Organizations with recognition programs report 14% higher employee productivity, performance, and engagement, compared to companies without recognition programs.

What’s on the Outside Does Matter!

The last step to creating a memorable recognition gift box is the presentation – the box itself. Opening a gift box is just fun, whether you’re a kid on your birthday or a professional earning workplace recognition. An experienced print and promotional partner can help you design a creative, eye-catching presentation for your recognition gift boxes, making the whole experience even more special.

The Unboxing Experience

The very act of unboxing has become part of our popular culture, but there’s plenty of room to grow and stand out. One 2021 UK-based survey found that half of the recipients considered their unboxing experience “underwhelming,” and one in three said their unboxing experience didn’t encourage them to purchase from the same brand again.[2] Even for recognition gift boxes, which don’t involve a purchase, a memorable unboxing experience can convey thoughtfulness and build loyalty, while an underwhelming one can leave recipients feeling less likely to go “above and beyond” again.

A great unboxing experience encompasses several components. Let’s take a look again at the story of Matilda, our employee from above who received recognition in a way that made a positive impression. Her box included:

  • A personalized message
  • A quality, useful product
  • An interactive, multisensory element using new technology

When designed smartly, a gift box is more than just branded packaging – although that is, obviously, an important component. It’s about creating a complete experience that unfolds in steps, from the moment the box arrives, to the first “layer” seen upon opening, to interactive components that emphasize appreciation. Consider not just the “what” of the box’s components, but also the “how” of the unboxing process itself, when designing a box.

Priority Promotions Is Here for You

Priority Promotions can help you craft the perfect gift box to recognize your employees’ milestones and achievements. Our experts will assist you every step of the way, from choosing the perfect gift to producing packaging and getting the boxes ready to go.

It’s always a good day to celebrate your employees and all they contribute to your organization. Talk to Priority Promotions today and learn more about how we can help you create those memorable moments.

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