Is Marketing Ready for the Work-From-Anywhere Future? 

For many virtual marketing and sales teams, finding information and having easy access to resources could be challenging, especially at organizations where marketing materials and sales literature have been stored in a closet or unused office at the company’s headquarters.  

When everyone came to the office five days a week, finding materials was often a matter of asking the right person the right question. For example:   

“Do we have any pocket folders left? I need one for a client presentation.” 

“I thought we had a case study for the new product. Where can I find it?” 

“Do we have any of those branded mugs left from the tradeshow? I want to give    

           one to a prospect.”   

The old-school “we are all in the office together” solution worked well enough for marketing and sales in the 20th Century, but events in 2020 created dramatic shifts in how we work. If your company is moving to a hybrid model or decided to become completely virtual, marketing leaders must ask:  

  • How can we make it easy for our team to find the marketing assets and resources they need? 
  • Is there a way to ensure everyone only has access to the most recent versions of brochures, presentations, and case studies? 
  • How can we do more with less and let team members run mini-marketing campaigns or print materials on-demand and ship them where needed?  


While there is plenty of uncertainty in the world, one thing is sure. From now on, a more significant percentage of the population will permanently work from home, either full-time or in a hybrid, part-time model.   


Virtual Work World – Here We Come! 

Do you remember when no one could buy an airline ticket without a travel agent? To fly, you phoned the agent, waited while they researched available flights, discussed what was available, chose an option, got a price, and finally purchased. 

Technology turned airline ticket buying into a self-serve operation that time-starved travelers loved. An online ordering solution from the Priority Group supports virtual workforces in the same convenient, self-serve way. Designated users go online, find what they need in their company storefront, and order. Better yet, today’s online storefront has impressive functionality, including:  

  • Letting you add customized elements to videos 
  • Making it easy to upload mail lists, scrub them, and approve a proof in minutes 
  • Providing options to order promotional products or apparel on-demand 
  • Creating ads in seconds for social media campaigns 
  • Create a customized kit for employee and customer on-boarding 

The Work-Anywhere Future 

According to the Harvard Business Review, almost a quarter of the US workforce already worked from home to some extent before Covid-19.1 In the future, more of us will work virtually, and companies will need solutions to provide their teams with easy and secure access to the information, resources, and technology that allow them to do great work in all environments. 

The Priority Group is continuously improving our technology to keep pace with your new requirements. Request a demo from your Priority Group executive and see what an online storefront can do for you.  


Article from: Priorities Magazine June 2021 “Growing Roots”

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