How to Promote Your Golf Tournament

If you’ve got a golf tournament to promote, you’ll need the right promotional tools to build buzz, draw attendees, and support sponsors. At Priority Promotions, we believe that brand exposure opportunities present themselves with every event. When they’re well-designed and aligned with your theme, they can maximize your impact and ability to stand out in the crowd.

Ahead of your next golf event, consider these five types of items to raise the visibility of your brand and your sponsors.


Custom Branded Golf Balls

Branded golf balls are an easy, classic choice for a golf-related promotional product. The right choice can be useful and consistently keep your brand at the top of your client’s minds. We recommend the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, a golf world favorite known for high quality and top-tier performance.


Consider a headliner giveaway or drawing, with the prize being a set of a dozen quality golf balls, or more frequent giveaways, consisting of smaller three-packs. As you seek out sponsors, golf balls are a great solution to feature their branding alongside yours. Sponsors can support a full-scale giveaway or smaller “party favors,” all with their branding featured and used at the tournament or future golf endeavors.


Tee Kits

If you’re looking for a versatile promotional option with lots of opportunities for extended brand exposure, a branded tee kit could be a great choice. For example, Priority Promotions offers the Montana Tee Kit, which includes:

  • 10 imprinted wood 3 ¼ tees
  • 2 imprinted quarter marks
  • A metal carabiner
  • All in a branded polyester case





A branded kit provides that extra “oomph” and more “bang for your buck,” with several items included in one gift. A giveaway featuring these kits could be a fun way to promote your event ahead of time – encourage people to enter to win something they can then use at the tournament itself! For sponsors, what better way to get their brand out there than to have their name and logo on an eye-catching kit?


Custom Golf Towels

When you think of a branded towel, you might think of just a basic, solid-color towel with a small logo on it. With Priority Promotions, you can transform classic golf towels with all-over branded designs for an even bolder look or consider our magnetic version that pops onto any bag with ease! Not all towels are plain and simple.

Our 12″x 20″ Sublimated Microfiber Waffle Golf Towels with Grommets provide a soft, surprisingly large canvas to convey your branding message. They can even be personalized for event and sponsor gifts, recognition packages, and more. Whether you’re promoting your own brand, the event itself, or a sponsor, these towels provide plenty of room for creativity and are sure to become a well-used item for any recipient.


Golf Tools

Small, useful tools are always a popular solution. Priority Promotions can upgrade portable tools that make a golf game – or a whole tournament. Since they are small in size and consistently useful, they are likely to be kept by recipients for a long time, translating to more exposure for you or your sponsor’s brand.

Priority Promotions offers a range of solutions that fit the bill. To fit with the golf tournament theme, we recommend a pair of our favorites:

Golf Ball Marker with Magnetic Hat Clip: A 3/4″ full color domed imprint displays a colorful, bold brand logo, protected from wear and tear so it will keep representing your brand for many rounds to come. Check out our “executive style” packaging, which allows brands to put a custom branded business card on the back of the packaging.

Aluminum Divot Tool with Ball Marker: Classic and reliable, this magnetic divot features brand names and logos in a sleeker, more subtle fashion, with space for branding on both sides. It also comes with a white ball marker and a convenient clip attachment.


Custom Coolers and Tumblers

For a warm-weather tournament, nothing will get more use than gear for staying refreshed and hydrated on the course. Drinkware is a classic branded product, and our stainless steel 2-In-1 Can Cooler Tumbler takes things to the next level. The 2‐in‐1 beverage can cooler and tumbler features an interchangeable rim that transforms it from a can cooler into a drinking tumbler. Customize with your logo, or a full wrap if you’re feeling spicy, to remind recipients of your brand or your sponsors’ brands every time they take a sip, not to mention keeping their drink icy cold on those hot days.

For a bigger “headline” item, such as a raffle or prize giveaway, consider something like the 20 Can Backpack Cooler. Made from polyester, the backpack-style cooler features a padded back panel, comfortable backpack straps, and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, plus a heat-sealed, PEVA-lined center compartment. Branding can make a big impact, with a logo or other message placed front and center on a larger scale.


Ready to tee up your brand for maximum distance? Talk to the experts at Priority Promotions. Contact us today to get started.

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