Boosting Remote Employee Engagement with Thoughtful Gifts

Imagine a full-time remote employee, only interacting with their colleagues through virtual meetings. It can be nice to not have to deal with a commute or put on uncomfortable shoes every day, but it also can get awfully lonely. They begin to wonder: am I out of sight, out of mind, as far as my company is concerned?

Then one day, they get a surprise delivery: a gift box from their company, featuring a couple of thoughtfully-selected, branded gifts that elevate the workspace or just spark a little joy. Suddenly, they’re reminded of what made them love the company in the first place, and you return to their work with an extra burst of energy and engagement.

That’s the power of promotional products – and with more remote workers than ever before, the stakes have never been higher.


The Importance of Recognition

A robust recognition program is a key part of any organization’s people strategy. Research from Deloitte found that 85 percent of employees who are regularly recognized say their organization cares about their wellbeing; those workers also tend to rate their organization higher on key workforce experience metrics, and they are 56 percent less likely to look for new job opportunities.

When remote work enters the picture, recognition becomes even more important. Employees who aren’t in the physical office (either in a hybrid or fully-remote setup) may not feel the benefits of recognition, such as public acknowledgement, in-office perception and relationships, or awards and certificates displayed for all to see. Being at a distance can also lead to a feeling of disconnect from your company’s core purpose and mission, as found in a survey from Gallup.

That’s where a thoughtful, tailored recognition program comes into play. A gifting approach that is customized to the unique demands and preferences of remote employees reminds them that they are deeply valued – and helps them feel more connected to your company, even miles away.


Trending Gifts for Remote Employees

Gifts for remote workers can fall into two major categories: products that can support a WFH setup, and products tailored at helping employees unwind and engage in self-care.

The first group are more “professional” products that are designed to be genuinely useful. As an added bonus, they’re often used in ways that keep your branding front and center all day long, reminding employees of how much you value them. These might include:

  • Laptop, tablet, or phone cases: Remote workers rely heavily on their devices to stay on top of their work and their meetings. A sturdy, high-quality case – especially one branded with your company logo and/or colors – is always welcome.
  • Wireless charging devices or stations: Today’s remote employees may prefer taking advantage of a work-anywhere approach, whether that’s working in a home office, on the patio, or at a co-working space or other local spot. Branded charging devices can encourage this flexibility and help them stay connected.
  • Headphones/earbuds and matching cases: Quality earbuds or headphones can make a big difference for remote employees, as it can help them block out any external distractions and stay focused. A nice set, especially accompanied by a colorful, branded case, can be very helpful.
  • Journal/planner and pen sets: For employees who like to write things down the old-fashioned way, a journal or planner paired with a quality pen is an elegant, classic gift that encourages creativity and supports organization.

While remote work has its perks, it also can make it harder for employees to draw boundaries between being “at work” and being “at home,” which in turn can lead to increased stress and decreased productivity. Self-care gifts emphasize empowering employees to do what they need for their overall well-being and remind them that their company sees them as a well-rounded human being. These might include:

  • Cozy sweatshirts: Instead of a traditional branded T-shirt, make things feel a little more laid-back with a branded sweatshirt. Be sure to have a wide size range, and maybe even a couple of customization options (different colors, V-neck vs crew neck, etc.) so that everyone can pick what makes them feel comfy.
  • Candles: Encourage a relaxing environment with candles! Offer a couple of different scent options to ensure everyone has something they can enjoy, and you can even include personalized messages on the jars or in the box.
  • Spa sets: Remind your remote employees to take a little time for themselves. A spa set can encourage relaxation and pampering so that they can take their minds off of work or any other stressors – then come back refreshed and ready to go!
  • Sleep masks: A good night’s sleep is critical for productivity, alertness, problem-solving, and overall happiness. When you gift your employees a luxurious sleep mask, you’re reminding them that you care about their overall well-being.
  • Yoga mats: It’s always great to encourage employees to take care of their physical health! No two workout routines are the same, but a branded yoga mat is suitable for anything from light, gentle stretching to more intense home workouts.
  • Blankets or other “cozy” home goods: When the home is also the office, delineating “cozy” spaces is even more important. Employees will appreciate a blanket or similar item that can enhance their living spaces comfortably.

Priority Promotions has the experience and resources you need to build a gifting program that boosts engagement and shows your remote employees how much you care. We’ll help you to source and produce on-trend branded products, plus create custom packages and swag boxes, build streamlined ordering systems, and manage the entire storage and shipping process. Talk to your Priority team today to learn more.


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