Accomplish Marketing Goals with Physical Branding

Studies have shown that repeated exposure creates better brand recall. Physical branding linked to useful and attractive promotional products is a way to create multiple brand impressions. It is also a way to get your targeted audience to think about the benefits of your brand, and influence buying decisions.

“Memorable” is the key concept behind physical branding. By branding useful, physical items, the recipients then are more likely to keep the item and keep being reminded of the benefits of your brand. From a financial and ROI perspective, it’s an especially smart move. Your company can invest once on producing the branded items, then generate multiple views from a targeted recipient and create a tangible connection with your audience. In situations where you need to create a positive impression –  whether that’s career fairs, employee onboarding, customer onboarding, fundraisers, or other events – it’s hard to go wrong when you give away something for free!

To increase your ROI with physical branding, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know your audience and know what you are trying to achieve with a given campaign.
  • Keep two questions in mind when selecting items: what is useful, and what is attractive? These are the two primary drivers that ensure your investment in physical branding will be appreciated and kept by buyers
  • Consider how often your product will be seen and used – once a week? Once a month? If long exposure to your brand is necessary because sales cycles are long, think about this when building your physical branding campaign.
  • Be subtle with branding. While it’s tempting to assume that the splashier the branding, the more effective it is, the opposite is often true. A subtler approach makes it more likely to be used and therefore more likely to expose your brand – and its subtle good taste – to more people.

The Priority Promotions team understands trends and how to create a branding strategy that works for your unique needs. In a world where digital marketing is exponentially increasing, physical marketing is a way of ensuring you stand out and are part of the buyer’s consideration when it is time to buy.  It can be used for either awareness, or conversion, or both!

And it might be a fit for you. Talk to our team about your goals, and we can help you find the right branded promotional product to meet your needs!

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