10 Ideas to Drive Booth Traffic and Promote Your Brand

Tradeshow giveaways can make a big impact when they’re strategically designed. At Priority Promotions, we’re all about finding those choices that are “more than a pen” and can make a big brand impression. Ahead of your next tradeshow, consider one of these trendy, useful, and creative ideas that can boost your reputation and bring more curious traffic to your booth.

Creative Giveaways

Want to really make a big impression? Try something extra creative. Priority can help you pick any number of unusual or unexpected giveaways that are sure to impress, from multipurpose items to giveaways with customized tech and more:

  • NFC touch notebooks or pen technology that send recipients to a specific URL
  • Phone or car accessories
  • “Trending” pieces like pop rulers, journals, and so on
  • Multifunction items (three-in-one pens, lip balm/sunscreen combination products, can cooler/tumbler combination, etc.)

Branded Umbrellas

Useful enough to be memorable, but large enough to create interesting designs on, branded umbrellas are a great booth giveaway. They can shrink down to a compact size, making them easy for recipients to carry, but they’re genuinely useful and offer plenty of space to make a beautiful branded design. Plus, they carry the subtle message that your brand “has them covered.”

Tech Gifts

Small but frequently-used tech can make excellent tradeshow giveaways and drive traffic, as people are drawn to items that are long-term useful. Consider items like branded earbuds (and earbud cases), portable chargers, and charging banks, all of which are sure to draw the attention of attendees.


Tradeshow attendees are always collecting giveaways, brochures, and other handouts, which they then have to tote around along with their own stuff. You’ll be a favorite booth in no time if you’re the place offering bags that they can carry everything in! Whether it’s giving away affordable, lightweight drawstring or tote bags or offering full-scale duffels as a prize, you can’t go wrong with durable branded bags.

Water Bottles

Water bottles aren’t just a popular, cost-effective giveaway for your tradeshow booth. They’re also a great, subtle way to emphasize that your brand cares about the environment. Reusable water bottles will last a long time, giving your brand more time to make a continued impression while also being good for the earth.


Let’s be honest: the way to people’s hearts is often through their stomachs. Tradeshows can be exhausting, but you can make your booth a destination by making it the place for a snack pit stop. Order some easy, portable snacks (like personal-size bags of pretzels or crackers) in branded packaging, and watch the foot traffic increase!


For a larger giveaway, consider a branded cooler. They’re useful and multipurpose, likely to last for a while, and truly in-demand. Their size makes them feel like a “luxury” giveaway, especially for something like a contest or raffle. For a smaller but related option, consider something like can cozies.


The classic hat: a staple of the promotional giveaway world, and with good reason! A simple branded hat gets your name out there with a little extra color and panache. Especially for tradeshows held in sunny areas or times of year, a hat can be a surprisingly effective and popular giveaway – especially if paired with sunglasses!

Just for Fun

While most giveaways are focused on being useful, sometimes they can just be fun! Your booth might include small, charming freebies like stickers, enamel pins, or keychains, all of which can be a little “quirkier” and more fun than traditional giveaway items. Another popular, trending item to consider? Branded puzzles!


Giveaways that encourage a little self-care can be a big hit, especially at tradeshows where attendees are trying to get a lot done in a very short amount of time. Try anything from a branded stress ball to lip balms and much more. There are self-care items at any price point, depending on your budget and goals for the event.

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